Zone Wars Automated Moving Zones UPDATED! – (Fortnite Battle Royale!

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31 Responses

  1. Thieves says:

    Yoo! The people who made this are geniuses!! ??

  2. JackFN says:

    there is a bug where if your playing on controller there is no response when you press buttons sometimes i hope they fix this soon

  3. Seba Koz says:

    Idk how you guys thought of this but thank you ? ♥️

  4. This is awesome. I have the name right that you also made the aim training map correct? Been using that a bit recently

    Edit: yes u are. Subbed. Thank you so much for all you do

  5. Therrmal says:

    Do it where it won't eliminate right away just make 10 hp every 2 seconds it is annoying getting sprayed and not able to rotate

  6. MR PAIN says:

    Can you add sentries too add pressure

  7. Noo PvlsE says:

    Something u could fix is making the storm do 10 damage and not kill u instantly

  8. Xotiic MiisT says:

    Could u show some gameplay of u playing it with other ppl

  9. Obey_Gerry says:

    Me and my friends are getting one shot by the storm

  10. EdvinFN says:

    Thank you so much for this ? I have wanted this for so long u are a legend brother

  11. When I played this with friends sometimes some of them wouldn’t be able to walk. Or they wouldn’t get guns or mats. This your fault or epics?

  12. sauci memez says:

    Can't you put a ATK on a bouncer to hit the trigger? Doesn't it make it go without being shot?

  13. Oh Ok says:

    how do i restart it? it always bugs out for me

  14. Dillaney says:

    Yo Selage please make the sones have a noise or brighter because I barely notice them

  15. Amazing. People keep dying for no reason tho

  16. Ast Aaron says:

    sometimes the zone is still moving after rounds, and the zone immediantly kills us (which i dont really like) otherwise, it's an amazing map, it's really well made and this must've taken a long time to make!

  17. SD_ V31G4XZ says:

    Best map ever thank you Selage

  18. hadesx says:

    have you seen donny sc's version of this? i think it would be cool if you guys both collaborated on this

  19. Is the zone starting automatic

  20. Cyfare says:

    the huge red walls need to not instant kill and do 10 tick like a real endgame and this map would be 100% practice and realistic

  21. -reflexx says:

    Is thwre an option that makes thw moving zone only make 10 damage ? It will be more realistic

  22. Ezlipxe says:

    This is a bit broke

  23. iOS iTzFlare says:

    But thanks for making this map ??❤️

  24. iOS iTzFlare says:

    You should’ve tried to add some natural terrain to make it more realistic

  25. Gaming Being says:

    Please bro reply me can u set up voice chat to all because my friends are on ps4 xbox and i m on pc discord is blocked in my country please

  26. Kas Bruggink says:

    Good job! I Will sure be enjoying this map! Are u gonna make a discord server dor iT to? And than Will iT be for eu or for na?

  27. zP Knights says:

    how do you get the storms to move im trying to host but i go in the map aswell and the zones just dont move

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