TOP 10 Best Fortnite Dances/Emotes Of All Season 8..!!

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TOP 10 Best Fortnite Dances/Emotes Of All Season 8..!!
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32 Responses

  1. ZeeTaa says:

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  2. yung marcell says:

    I need the in between music

  3. BIZARRE ME says:

    I don't agree with slap happy

  4. I got switch step conga widows hoop master

  5. whats the song that you use when you naming the emote

  6. Anduena says:

    Fun fact : Scenario is inspired/based on "IKON-Love Scenario" which was a bop last year.

  7. Scenario I cannot be defeated

  8. Zer0 says:

    i hate the bunny hop and i dont care what people say to me

  9. Kamyl 2096 says:

    i prefer dream feet

  10. I knew scenario would be number one ☝️ 1

  11. I hate conga ebery guy who got the bp for free makes it because its the only dance they have

  12. Andrew Demko says:

    Remember in ur opinion

  13. Edwin Rlya says:

    Ewwwww The ugly dance

  14. oDaiCu Da da says:

    In my opinion dance of is trash

  15. Like- Swichtstep
    Comment- scenario

  16. No says:

    What about slick?

  17. This is Morgz he is tall and he is 0 1 like = 1 year


  18. Tyga 2009 says:

    I agree but i would put switchstep a little bit higher and move conga back that dance got annoying quick ?

  19. I have the top 2 dance of this this video. It is cool

  20. Darkahrii says:

    switchstep fuck you if you choose anything else (and scenario)

  21. possum 0462 says:

    The 7, are u serious?

  22. Can you still get the iconic?

  23. Make This Thumbs Up Blue, If Your OG

  24. The_Ark_King says:

    I hope dance off is on the list.

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