this fortnite challenge took me a season to do…

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Programs I used for this video.
– Sony Vegas Pro 14
– Elgato GameCapture
-Sony Vegas Pro 13
-Adobe Photoshop



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37 Responses

  1. This video contains high amounts of cringe. Please do not put yourself through this torture. Watch this video instead

  2. God says:

    You should be more popular

  3. Big Chungus says:

    Just Subed 🙂 nice vid

  4. Can u edit my videos @Unity Fusion

  5. Willdebeast says:

    This is a default skin
    1 like = 1 hope for defaults

  6. Moustapha Ba says:

    Lockey underrated ngl 🙌🏼

  7. U Better remember me when u get famous 🙂

  8. Good job man, great vid!

  9. Best small youtuber editing I've seen

  10. J-Ops says:

    I came from joogies vid, you're an actually good content creator keep it up. And can you make more vids like this

  11. Not Me says:

    Oh this was an amazing video

    Edit: Saw the last part.. I think you have to keep on grinding until you meet yourself… Close encounters and in one team for me doesn't count… Sorry

  12. Keza Boi says:

    This is so good I’m subscribing now


  13. Okay ummm why do we care if you Indian… no offense but like why are you pointing it out

  14. brandon vooo says:

    Why are you so underrated? This videos awesome, the BBC clip was really cool btw

  15. Ok but you don’t really need to say you’re Indian, we don’t really need to know this

  16. Miracle _ says:

    Small youtuber? Tbh, you seem like a youtuber that could be worth a million subscribers!

  17. T4DHG says:

    Love the prison break music

  18. Hey can u get me mynfirst win my user name is saeb mousa

  19. Hey bro cnnu get me my first win in seasn 8 pls

  20. origins says:

    Joogie comments gang!?

  21. Oliver Nash says:

    Wow great video! Such good quality for a channel with only a few videos.

  22. Yeetzy says:

    straight up came from Joogie and i love it

  23. gracie kay says:

    You seem like a good person to know (:

  24. Your from India so does that make you Tgay? Or you are on pewd's side ?

  25. Cody Fischer says:

    For being such a new YouTuber (not saying I'm a bigger one in any way I have 0 subs and it's impossible to subscribe) you have really good quality videos

  26. Dumbono says:

    Good you are playing so good

  27. Hey man I just subbed and I would love it you subscribed to my other channel raymovieman cuz we’re in a subscriber war with another channel

  28. Dilbert says:

    nice good job keep up the great work!

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