The UPDATE just BROKE Fortnite Mobile…

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The NEW Update for Fortnite Mobile just broke the game on android and ios…
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Fortnite Mobile just updated to a new update with a all new limited time game mode for Fortnite Mobile Android and iOS. With the new update for Fortnite Mobile there were several issues with the Fortnite Mobile app such as rendering buildings, lag, and general game-play issues. If you found that your Fortnite Mobile game broke as well let me know in the comments section! For more Fortnite Mobile tutorials or how to fix lag in Fortnite Mobile make sure to subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications for future Fortnite Mobile update information! All the Fortnite Mobile pros are upset with the new Fortnite Mobile update that broke the game because they cannot have epic fortnite pro build battles in the new update. I plan on uploading a future video on the release of Fortnite Android mobile for older devices on android.

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