Streamers React to *EVENT* "SEASON 10 MAP ORB" (TIME TRAVEL) in Fortnite

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Streamers React to *EVENT* “SEASON 10 MAP ORB” (TIME TRAVEL) in Fortnite

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31 Responses

  1. CluTchezツ says:

    If the polar peak monster is dead then we’re r his kids???? Like the ones at the volcano

  2. 1:54
    Tim: Look what happens with her leg WHEEZE


  3. anime videos says:

    Ladies and gents this is the moment you've waited for 2:00

  4. Do you wanna see awesome streamers type mythic and write Nawzat

  5. 2:33 dellor please dab if you like under aged girls

  6. Dude WeSuck says:

    There was already time travel

  7. Maybe the orb will take to the old fortnite map like if you want to

  8. MUXJT says:

    Lamo season 1, in your dreams.. (not a hater.)

  9. Do Lala says:

    0:58 that American accent

  10. Crotas says:

    i have a theory, since the orb is purple and when the monster came the storm turned a dark purpleish color, so it could take us back into time when maybe all the events happened and show us one last time or, it will go back to mech v monster and have a different outcome thanks for reading if u did

  11. zippari says:

    Teacher: what sound monkeys make
    Special ed kids: 1:22

  12. 1:23 if that isn’t a joker laugh idk what is

  13. DeputyPH says:

    am i the only one laughing so hard about that dellor dab clip xDD

  14. the touch screen device is not really free… u have to pay shipping :/


  16. lil tecca says:

    2:40 Come on dellor its happened before

  17. Pulse Games says:

    Şűbscribe too my chanul or i wil mirder yu

    This is a joke dont subscribe and yes i mispelt those things on purpose

  18. Luke Tank says:

    Only mouse and keyboard players can like this 👇🏻
    ⌨️ 🐁

  19. Trapman BOSS says:

    I'm not a bot on mobile don't need controller

  20. linkzuu says:

    Only People Who loves Fortnite Bruh Can like this ❤️

    👇 I am cracked 💪🤷‍♂️

  21. Hi People says:

    tfue: sway just w key him

    controller: am i a joke to you?

  22. Erik _vlogs says:

    That orb is the nexus from the unvaulted event #bringbackkevin

  23. Javaa says:

    Make this is blue if you love Fortnite Bruh!!
    👇🏻(i'm gifting my next 10 loyal subscribers)

  24. TiffanyFN says:

    literally fucking no one.
    Fortnite Bruh : HEY

  25. Yay I got clickbaited

  26. Oana Susanu says:

    Bro thats the nexus orb

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