NEW MAT CAP IN FORTNITE UPDATE 7.40! (rip) – Fortnite Battle Royale

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Today, we talk about the 500 material max in Fortnite.

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15 Responses

  1. games random says:

    Well how much are the mínimum to play apex

  2. BoyoSpeedo says:

    I love the mat cap. No more sweaty builders 🙂

  3. The Oasis says:

    This is not the way to bring back players lol

  4. bapboi says:

    they said it was a test, on the patch notes. they're actively viewing it and tests on the popup cup were good, and they wanna see in default gamemodes and how itll work

  5. They should just reset the game

  6. Rbrine says:

    Change it it 5000 god dammit

  7. Fortnite are killing there own game, I hate this mat cap and the health regain per kill, Really hope they change it back.

  8. They breaking the game with a 500 mat cap dude, very sad day

  9. HayZe says:

    Dude I’m fine with the mat cap it’s like the pop up cup tourneys they do plus you get 50 health for a kill so it makes the gameplay better

  10. you sound very uninterested and tired.

  11. JOSH 122004 says:

    I love that gameplay from season 4

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