*NEW* FORTNITE SECRET MAP CHANGES WEEK 5 "Pandora" + "Visitor Intentions" + "Cube Returning!" v10.20

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*NEW* FORTNITE SECRET MAP CHANGES WEEK 5 v10.20 “Pandora!” + “Visitor Intentions” + “Cube Returning?!”

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44 Responses

  1. postboxpat says:

    Well if Kevin the Cube returns… 😉 it looks like my predictions were correct again 😀 <3 Smash Code "Postboxpat" in the Fortnite Item shop and when buying borderlands 3

  2. After I watch your videos I show my friends the secret map changes and they go "wow! How did you know" and I would say you should watch postboxpat.

  3. RNG MrYeet says:

    Hey my epic is Shadical YT and I use your code I liked the bordland place

  4. Every Update you Said the cube will return

  5. The visitor is building the mechs

  6. Yuduf Arkin says:

    U probably Winther see this but if you
    Epic id=General arkin
    I uset code posboxpat since the creator code thing came
    I love you i watched all of your vids and subbed since s4

  7. Bread4life says:

    The visitor is trying to rebuild the rocket And I hope break the ice a greasy grove

  8. I’ve never played borderlands but I have some gameplay but what’s the point of the cash when u open chests

  9. I've subbed hit the like button and smashed the bell (I use code postboxpat in the item shop and my epic ID is SargeantPizza47 I would like the psycho skin but if there's anybody that needs the battle pass then you can gift them that have a nice day)

  10. Hurtful that u don’t know much ab borderlands 🤦🏾‍♂️but still love the vids man keep it up

  11. Yoooooo cube is returning near fatal and the house that’s being made there could be destroyed by cube again 😂

  12. Frosty says:

    Pat:Not many people know about the tilted town change.
    Me:It’S iN tHe PaTcH nOtEs.

  13. CaptainCrazy1223 – yes, I use code post boxpat
    Skin btw

  14. Haise Sasaki says:

    Having all the season 4 posters in that mountain top house, they're just teasing us.. they have to bring the omega and carbide challenges back! I was level 79! I was halfway! 😢

  15. GhostG21 says:

    there is no diplodocus anymore 🙁

  16. HARRY CHILDS says:

    Pat can you do a face reveal

  17. mc lefty says:

    Statue girl love ranger?

  18. Alex Santos says:

    Calling right now Kevin will destroy the tower being built by fatal fields

  19. Kobe CAs says:

    I don’t like the intros

  20. ASO GAMES says:

    In game name-ASOxGAMES
    I use your code
    I want the psycho bundel
    Please i want it so bad

  21. Hunter Olson says:

    My name is Tim I want a skin any skin

  22. Moisty did not return… Here comes the salt

  23. Hy postboxpat

    My epic name is TTV-Aka_PO6man

    I'd like the psycho bundle

    I like pandora its soo cool I like borderlands alot and I like the reference to his eye being gone

    I use code postboxpat

  24. The new paradise is so ugly I hate it

  25. yeet says:

    I used postboxpat in the item shop and my epic name chiefruairi76 battlepass please

  26. Karl Fryer says:

    Imagine they just kept putting in rift bubbles and that at the end of the season they they rifted them into old locations/ new locations

  27. LostInSpace says:

    They added back the bear with the pumpkin head at Fatal Field in the big house’s roof area

  28. Carter Reid says:

    I game name is CarCar27C always use code Postboxpat already have the battle pass

  29. Female love ranger is caming

  30. David Mason says:

    That angel at haunted hills might be a female love ranger

  31. SplatTunez says:

    9:25 might be a female love ranger skin

  32. Ragger says:

    House on hill over by fatal is from seasob 4

  33. David Mason says:

    6:53 that part of the map is in season 4 when they were making the superhero movie but they dissapeared due to moisty mire not being there

  34. I use code postboxpat and
    my in game name is milutin9 and I want a battle pass

  35. hipsta .w says:

    I use code postboxpat and my xbox name is indigodino2008 and I loved the part about Pandora and I want to be gifted the psycho skin

  36. Maichstar103 says:

    I love your vids I'm one of your biggest fans. My in game name:Maichstar103.I use code post box pat and I would love it if you gifted me the battle pass

  37. Tree 45 says:

    I wanted moisty not this

  38. Carbide and omega was close to be a movie in risky reels it could be a reference to it returning

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