*NEW* FORTNITE SECRET MAP CHANGES WEEK 5 "Pandora" + "Visitor Intentions" + "Cube Returning!" v10.20

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*NEW* FORTNITE SECRET MAP CHANGES WEEK 5 v10.20 “Pandora!” + “Visitor Intentions” + “Cube Returning?!”

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  1. Well if Kevin the Cube returns… 😉 it looks like my predictions were correct again 😀 <3 Smash Code "Postboxpat" in the Fortnite Item shop and when buying borderlands 3

  2. I've subbed hit the like button and smashed the bell (I use code postboxpat in the item shop and my epic ID is SargeantPizza47 I would like the psycho skin but if there's anybody that needs the battle pass then you can gift them that have a nice day)

  3. Having all the season 4 posters in that mountain top house, they're just teasing us.. they have to bring the omega and carbide challenges back! I was level 79! I was halfway! 😢

  4. Hy postboxpat

    My epic name is TTV-Aka_PO6man

    I'd like the psycho bundle

    I like pandora its soo cool I like borderlands alot and I like the reference to his eye being gone

    I use code postboxpat

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