*NEW* Fortnite EVENT TEASER TAPE #1 EXPLAINED! "Dr Vinderman" Season X Event Ending Storyline Solved

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*NEW* Fortnite EVENT TEASER TAPE #1 EXPLAINED! “Dr Vinderman” Season X Event Ending Storyline Solved

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  1. When it said "resolve rather than push" it was referring to the dimensions colliding, they thought that the two dimensions would act like a matching magnetic propulsion where the same sides push away from each other. But they were wrong because the two dimensions collided and hence we get the theme of season x

  2. There r 2 out of 7
    They other 5 could be the 5 characters from the parts of the robot : cuddle team leader, Rex, drift, tomato head and durr burger

    Plz subscribe

  3. please gift skin i am very poor and have no skins. i use your code even though i cant buy anything 🙁 i love your videos about secret map locations. P.S my in game name is ZillionAbyss

  4. epic name: scoutdog246
    I think that if season 11 is chapter 2, you should make a video which is the entire story line of chapter 1 (4 to 10/X) it would be really long but many would appreciate it as we have no clue about the story line and I think I'll be even more confused after the event! Keep up the good work and I use your code every time I buy something!

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