*NEW* Fortnite EVENT TEASER TAPE #1 EXPLAINED! "Dr Vinderman" Season X Event Ending Storyline Solved

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*NEW* Fortnite EVENT TEASER TAPE #1 EXPLAINED! “Dr Vinderman” Season X Event Ending Storyline Solved

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29 Responses

  1. postboxpat says:

    This video took me a long time, sorry for the late upload! Make sure you have Code “Postboxpat” registered for Season 11! 🥰🥰🥰

  2. avry 2 says:

    Them tapes have me fnaf VR vibes

  3. Pat: I’m gonna play a clip of Dr Vinderman

    Plays clip of Director

  4. AH Gaming says:

    When it said "resolve rather than push" it was referring to the dimensions colliding, they thought that the two dimensions would act like a matching magnetic propulsion where the same sides push away from each other. But they were wrong because the two dimensions collided and hence we get the theme of season x

  5. I think that pinching might be referring to their experimentation with the different dimensions

  6. STORM198 says:

    So the white sciencetis is another person

  7. shadow 666 says:

    Why is this in my recommendation

  8. Actually we've seen only one of the seven, because the scientist is an upgraded form of the visitor. Keep up the good work though 👍

  9. Nosoulpizza says:

    What if pinching meant the robot pinching the orb

  10. CZ21 :/ says:

    There r 2 out of 7
    They other 5 could be the 5 characters from the parts of the robot : cuddle team leader, Rex, drift, tomato head and durr burger

    Plz subscribe

  11. mc lovin says:

    Imagine if the visitor/scientist turned out to be a no skin with a suit

  12. Maybe the plasma is the blu-glo from stw because that looks like a liquid matter but is energetic or is a fuel for many things such as the storm fights

  13. Case Martin says:

    please gift skin i am very poor and have no skins. i use your code even though i cant buy anything 🙁 i love your videos about secret map locations. P.S my in game name is ZillionAbyss

  14. Thank you for breaking it down!
    In game name: ShoddyYak516618
    Thank you!
    Code postboxpat is the best

  15. Also from season 4 the visitor already talked in the rocket event but this voice actor is different

  16. Lucas C says:

    epic name: scoutdog246
    I think that if season 11 is chapter 2, you should make a video which is the entire story line of chapter 1 (4 to 10/X) it would be really long but many would appreciate it as we have no clue about the story line and I think I'll be even more confused after the event! Keep up the good work and I use your code every time I buy something!

  17. For the “inter dimensional matter Collisions” he was referring to the rifts not the cube

  18. Pat what do you use to record on your xbox

  19. My name is M4Z.DefaultyGoat
    I use code postboxpat
    And I love u dude

  20. HUNTER PLAYZ says:

    It makes sense!!!

    One of the seven must be the AI version of vindertech! Save the world and battle royal are in different universes so it could well be…

  21. 0xtry says:

    What if the visitor is dr viderman in ai form cause we know dr viderman is dead so it’s a robot we never seen the visitors face

  22. What if its drift trying to get home?

  23. ZQ NinJa says:

    Pat maybe the V bucks guy is in the visitors crew

  24. Felps Games says:

    When he says : I suspect "They", is he talking about the season 5 secret skin? They came from the first portals right?

  25. Nero Nero says:

    The magnetic fields could be rift zones

  26. BSH Turtle says:

    The 7 people I think are all the secret skins visitor enforcer aim prisoner ruin singularity scientist😯

  27. In game name Topix.Pointbreak
    Been faithful watcher since S4

  28. How is the visitor watching us without dying from the storm BLOODY GOD!

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