*NEW* CHUG SPLASH! THIS WILL CHANGE FORTNITE!! ft. Nickmercs (Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay)

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24 Responses

  1. SypherPK says:

    Let me know what you guys think of this new Chug Splash item in the comments!
    Leave a like if you enjoyed the video! <3

  2. Im gonna miss boom bow:(

  3. I Clickbate says:

    F you you a trash can

  4. You need to call it a six pack

  5. hahaha tanak bebsi lmao funniest streamer im Hass from Australia bro

  6. Jesus_2oh9 says:

    Cold ones? Wanna crack some cold ones??

  7. Ben Wright says:

    What about shield shots ?

  8. Anyone notice when sypher throws the sips nick doesn’t get any shield from the first then 3 shield from the second?

  9. jamd1421 says:

    I call it "chug splug"

  10. Brewski is the best name imo

  11. Tozzie says:

    don’t forget lighting mcqueen lost the piston cup

  12. "And its a new item they spawn it like a lot"

    Proximity grenade luncher : am i a joke to you ?

  13. Da Eclipse says:

    Went on my brothers acc and was greeted by dissapointment

  14. RPG Luxury says:

    Splash Potion of Instant Health II

  15. People on your server are such bots… lmao

  16. RPG Luxury says:

    Slurp Splash
    How hard was that EPIC!?

  17. OG says:

    I love that Nick and Sypher feel like such total opposites.

    If you watched Nick and then watched a Sypher educational commentary you’d think they’d have nothing to do with each other.

    Their dynamic together is my favorite shit though, it’s amazing how they work together

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