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LIVE on some Fortnite Battle Royale! We got a new Fortnite Battle Royale update on our hands! Today we’re trying to do some new Bush trolling in Fortnite Battle Royale along with going for a solid Victory Royale or 2! Make sure to drop a like and subscribe for more Fortnite Battle Royale!

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29 Responses

  1. AChipps 03 says:

    2:12:27 “I need to start eating my burrito”😂😂😂👏🏾

  2. The first time I got a bush I got 13th I was happy I got the bush but sad because I didn't do better

  3. MLBeast11 says:

    MYSTIC can you post your livestreams from COD?

  4. Jay Evans says:

    I respect your decision to only post every other day and continue being an awesome bush

  5. Jay Evans says:


  6. Zack T.D says:


  7. INDX GHOST says:

    I just got my first two wins on solo and squads

  8. WAT says:

    I’m the King of Pistol Whips

  9. steven says:

    5:58 do you go faster by doing dat ?

  10. Yuudai Kun says:

    Have u tried playing fortnight with H2ODelirious? Hes pretty good at it. Like..very good.

  11. John Niles says:

    Do you ever play Clash Royale anymore

  12. hello i am a FAN of your videos and clash of clans.

  13. When does he find a bush

  14. Wassup Mystic, I was watching the stream but then fell asleep through the stream haha I didn't watch it all but thank you for keeping it up

  15. Next time Mystic, you should drink the two slurps to get the extra shield and then take the bandeges for later use 😉 time; ca. 9 min in the stream

  16. Thanks again for the mod trust! And thanks for another fun stream 😀 #WetBurrito #BushSquad

  17. EL. MUZZ says:

    yo mystic7 hi please sub to me

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