I paid $2,000 for my Fortnite to look this good.

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Fortnite Settings:
Res 1: 1920×1080
Res 2: 1600×1080
Sens X: 0.038
Sens Y: 0.038
DPI: 1800

Fortnite Video Settings:
View Distance – Epic
Shadows – Off
Anti-Aliasing – Off
Textures – Epic
Effects – Low
Post Processing – Low
*Motion Blur: Off*

My Specs: ($2,000)

Mobo: ROG-Strix z370-h
Gpu: Gtx 1080 8g

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  1. I want you all to know that i’m the one who told Hops PERSONALLY in his discord to do a face reveal at 100K. You’re all welcome 🙂

  2. Yo does your/his game look like this while you play? Or is it just your render settings in vegas that makes it look smooth, bc im on 240hz and it looks NOTHING like this, or your other smooth videos.

  3. While ur playing at 200 fps with max settings I can’t even play on All low settings on my pc cause I get 40 fps on all low settings lolol

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