I Made THANOS a Fortnite Deathrun…

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I Made THANOS a Fortnite Deathrun… with TBNRfrags ?

? Keith –

?Check out the map/creator here!

? “FIRE” Merchandise logo clothing line!



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33 Responses

  1. TBNRFrags says:

    Subscribe or Thanos will snap

  2. I only can do half of what digalit said because I don't have Fortnight

  3. Ige Calderon says:

    The green stone are time stone Preston and give me money to sub

  4. Tori Earle says:

    Watch avengers endgame

  5. Claire Allen says:

    On the first level for me it spawns me in the pit with the traps 🙁

  6. TBNRFRAGS for life!!!!!!!

  7. a person says:

    I tried it its 10x harder on xbox

  8. Hi preston its me kin randyn in blockman go hahahahaha

  9. Green stone is mine stone

  10. Sarah White says:

    Leave a like if you use TBNRfrags in the item shop

  11. I won’t watch you Preston if you are on the dark side because you said thanks was your dad and he is trying to destroy the earth

  12. Aly Byrum says:

    Keeth is the real ice cream

  13. Nick playz says:

    Fortnite parkour is very tricky

  14. What I sent you is my username for fortnight

  15. Make a impossible map that you can only do

  16. KaY x2team says:

    Makes a parkour map "Oh there's a bouncer right here

  17. Lexi Willard says:

    Hi my name is Lexi and I subscribed please give me a shout out in a big fan and plus my dog died yesterday and in sad and I need some support pls

  18. mj brothers says:

    Backoff Keith preston is the real ice cream skin

  19. How many times Preston said freck

  20. He didn’t make the map
    Yeah I’ll unsub now…

  21. Rowan Banner says:

    Only the true ice cream skin can take the infinity blade.

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