i can ONLY kill GIRL skins in fortnite… (so easy)

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i can ONLY kill FEMALE skins in Fortnite… (so easy)

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45 Responses

  1. Dream Rain says:

    Easiest way to help Jaw:
    •Like the video for him to keep the account 🙂
    •Use his code which only takes a couple of clicks, easiest code to useee!!!
    •Oh and hit the sub button lol

    … Seems easy enough right? Cuz it isss so complete all the steps, help support the boi😂

  2. yo wtf did your youtube die or somethin

  3. GGeez M8 says:

    if jaw has 100k… why doesn’t he get 100k likes/views? hrmm

  4. Oscar MCCANN says:

    Jaw you are the best youtuber!

  5. FaZe Denis says:

    Guy skin at the last one

  6. i just came back from not watching u or josh in months and u don’t make videos anymore i’ve beeen following for long and ur not as funny 😢😢😢😢

  7. Mark Darroch says:

    I've followed you from early in your channel when you first started vids I've had nicoG on fortnite and played with him a few times you're hilarious and I'd love to have a lickle game with you sometime #licklegame

  8. Mark Darroch says:

    Use creator code jaw
    Sub to the channel
    Turn on post notifications
    Watch the ads

  9. Shrike says:

    he had 1k on his last vid

  10. FOOT CHEESE says:

    God Damn Lickle Clan Mofucker

  11. FOOT CHEESE says:

    God Damn Lickle Clan Mofucker

  12. FOOT CHEESE says:

    God Damn Lickle Clan Mofucker

  13. FOOT CHEESE says:

    God Damn Lickle Clan Mofucker

  14. Everyone who is readying this comment like the vid so jaw can keep the account and #licklejaw

  15. t Young says:

    you are honestly my favourite ytber and i hope that you hit 1mil and i beg you upload more on your second channel

  16. Daffy says:

    The edits are awesome!

  17. Dat poor default in the front of the video

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