How I Went From NOOB To PRO In Fortnite! (Console Battle Royale Starter Tips)

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This video will show you the most important tips to go from a bad player to a great player in fortnite. I have been playing fortnite for about 8 months now and have established myself as one of the top console players in the world. This video outlines the most important things I have learned in my play time and what I would reccomend to players looking to become a top player themselves.


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My Fortnite Resume:

– Currently hold the world record for kills in a duo games across all platforms (32) and kills in a solo game on xbox (25)
– 23 total tournament golds from GB and CMG (From February 13th to March 14th)
– $2600 total earnings with $2250 profit (again from February 13th to March 14. Tournament payouts were decreased after March 14th so I stopped playing)

Season 3 Stats:
11.03 Duos K/D (7.54 Kills Per Match)
9.31 Squads K/D (6.70 Kills Per Match)

Career High Kill Games:
Solos- 25
Duos- 32
Squads- 28

No other console player on the planet has my resume of tournament success (23 tournament wins in a month at a 40-50% win rate is unheard of ), high kill games, and overall statistics.

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