Guide to The Great Wizard's Lair with the SECRET ENDING in Fortnite Creative Mode!

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Guide to The Great Wizard’s Lair with the SECRET ENDING in Fortnite Creative Mode! This puzzle escape map is super fun, but challenging. There’s also a secret ending that will blow you mind! I show you how to do everything in this featured map guide!

Map Code: 6132-7788-4138

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18 Responses

  1. Nice dude! have a look at my perspective too! Was such a great map to play!

  2. SmallArmy says:

    T'was a fun map but I had to look up this video to figure out what to do at the chest area. How did you figure out that you had to jump down? I saw no hints of this and that kept me confused and eventually annoyed. Anyway, cool map.

  3. 5:22, In fortnite Mobile, I cant open that door. Any ideas on how too? Thanks

  4. Thanks for making this video. Without it I wouldn't have make it to the end

  5. There’s a bug. When playing on mobile it won’t let me open the door with boards over it inwards so I can’t use it to jump up.

  6. Caleb Born says:

    3431-1880-1165 try this escape map, very fun.

  7. LP27 says:

    Hi mustard, i've created a death maze map. Would you be interested in being the first person playing the map.

  8. Sehbie says:

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Edi says:

    without cheating and youre help we spend 4 hours
    great map bro keep up the good work

  10. Sehbie says:

    My friend and I just finished it without cheating after 4 hours GGS! <3

  11. I watched another play through and they just stopped at the chest. I knew there had to be more so clicked on this vid and I’m glad I did!!! Seriously one of the best creative maps ever

  12. Aidan Wisely says:

    Great video as always mustard thanks for the amazing content

  13. grow beatz says:

    ? have a great weekend ✌️?

  14. Skolux says:

    I just watched and finished it now your really entertaining and have a great voice to commentate your Amazing keep it up you care for your fans to ☺️

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