Fortnite Controller Sensitivity That Will CHANGE Your Game!

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This change to your Fortnite controller sensitivity and settings will turn your builds much quicker and more crisp. Highly recommend changing it!


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28 Responses

  1. Rodey Bros says:

    I hope this walkthrough convinced you to raise your build sens up. If you are playing on a 1.0 Build Sensitivity, you are truly holding yourself back! Controller gang must rise up

  2. I play on combat pro and I’ve gotten very used to it to the point that my friends think I’m builder pro

  3. I sometimes mess up my editing I’m hoping this can help adapting is kind of a specialty of mine

  4. I’m really glad you decided to show gameplay it really helped show how it might be for certain players thanks man

  5. Tomb Weler says:

    This guy has a lisp if u listen he says paway but he dose YouTube anyway I love this guy

  6. Tomb Weler says:

    This guy has a lisp if u listen he says paway but he dose YouTube anyway I love this guy

  7. I changed it and I just got a 8 kill win In Arena??

  8. I’ve had my build sens at max forever and I’ve been wondering why people had a hard time with 90s on console… I thought everyone had it max

  9. GAME PORT says:

    I missed things because your head hide the letter R in the bottom right…..pls tell me what was that

  10. AT Gaming says:

    I have same edit bottom like you but how you run and edit at same time???

  11. Harry Smith says:

    Lol world cup talking like you have half a chance

  12. What is with the new controller build sensivity?

  13. Don't say "you need this" in the thumbnail. It makes it sound like an annoying ad

  14. Sauccey 101 says:

    u should try ps4 controller its not that bad

  15. James Bond says:

    Chould you friend me, my username is Darth Doggie

  16. who else was already on 2.0 build sens

  17. Can you do a hand cam??

  18. I’ve always used 2x building hopefully this update is good

  19. I was struggling a lot to keep up with my friends and being good at fortnite because I had other stuff to do to anyways I said why not so I changed my sensitivity to yours and I'm a beast now code : rbcole in shop forever now

  20. IVAN SANTOS says:

    What’s the setting for the right analog stick

  21. Yooo after I put my settings to 2000 building and the next game I got 15 kills my new record and it was arena 179 points much love man thank you so much I’m a loyal fan thank you ❤️ you the goat ?????

  22. Can you make a video on how to win mid game


  24. I'm slowly going my build sense

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