BEST STW UPDATE YET! New HERO System (Fortnite Save The World Season 8)

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A lot to go over in today’s Fortnite Save The World Video. We have a new biome, new mission, new event, and a new way to make heroes even better with the all new hero system. Check out all the changes in STW that came with Update 8.0 season 8.

Fortnite Save The World Playlist:

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  1. Everyone gets 5!Man keep up this content I'll like the video and leave a nice positive comment your a good youtuber and I love the content. Thanks for interrupting my game because I thought this would be out. ( it was) sorry if I make no sence and I have something 4 u if u want my PSN is XxNo1WoodyxX

  2. This update is garbage, they completely changed all my hero’s abilities. And I used the Ninja specifically to run faster, and they took that away…

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