ALL *NEW* 10.3 LEAKED SKINS & EMOTES! (Visitor Volta, Moxie, PJ Pepperoni, & More) Fortnite Update

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ALL *NEW* 10.3 LEAKED SKINS & EMOTES! (Visitor Volta, Moxie, PJ Pepperoni, & More) Fortnite Update


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32 Responses

  1. Yarghmatey says:

    Guaco is in the item shop

  2. Manuel Baris says:

    What the new visitor is for item shop ????

  3. Helios 2425 says:

    hyped. I'll be using code Tridzo for some of those. whoooo

  4. Can you gift me the visitor

  5. Mon Mothra says:

    You don't think visitor volta is the challenge skin?

  6. JOey vd Burg says:

    Sizzle sgt i think i'm gonna buy it and ofcourse with code tridzo

  7. josi btw says:

    NO THE MOISTY MERMAN😭😭 first skin i bought now comes back smh

  8. I got the new starter pack

  9. Scarfbit says:

    Bro, scanline is green and it's animated, get yo facts straight.

  10. Sgt Sizzler
    Oh yeah yeah🥰🥰

  11. Is the visitor Volta a item shop skin or a challenge skin ? 😪

  12. Wild Trumps says:

    Who else got moisty merman in season 4

  13. Any new details on the IT chapter 2 event?

  14. Mars2TheMoon says:

    That new visitor skin looks sick!!! I cant wait for it to come out!!!

  15. Bro i wish we didnt need to buy the new visiter skin 😭😭😭

  16. Cedion Ninja says:

    Can you give my a skin pleas

  17. Cedion Ninja says:

    My epic name is Killer.D.C

  18. I ate tacos for dinner yesterday.

  19. If the visitor Volta is in the shop and not challenges I will scream because I have the OG one

  20. Auke says:

    Thx you so match i am at school richt now i am dutch

    Epic AG_Auke

  21. I want vbucks shawnthekidd is my epic

  22. Will B says:

    First lol love your vids please gift me at FlabbyUnicorn88 I am super poor

  23. Tony stark says:

    The new visitor looks awesome dude

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